Disc Caddie Disc Golf can provide a full line of services for your next disc golf event.

Our services include, but are not limited to; full tournament management, player packages, prize packages, full tournament product payout/display & Customized Tournament Voucher System.



Disc Caddie Tournament Display

Our on-site display will have a professional look and feel.  Our products will be organized, clearly priced & our tables will be covered and clean.  We will provide our own tent if shelter is not provided or available.  We will also make Special Ordering available to players on-site.



Disc Caddie Tournament Voucher System

Disc Caddie Golf can provide your tournament with a full line of disc golf products on tournament day as well as a customized tournament voucher system.  Your custom vouchers can be presented to your tournament winners and used for any of our products at our on-site display, in our retail location or even special direct orders. Disc Caddie Golf tournament vouchers NEVER expire! You can customize your own voucher to include tournament name, date, location and or anything you wish to include.  Each individual voucher will have its own voucher number and specific dollar amount.  Each tournament will be provided with a spreadsheet including all vouchers and total dollars allocated for the tournament. Click here for a sample voucher.